MTFan / May 14th, 2010

Melanie is featured in the issue of the magazine TUSH with eight pages . She’s very beautiful in this editorial!  Thanks very much to Helligirl (@Tfs) for the scans ! I added them in the gallery .

x 008 – Scans / Magazines – TUSH 02/2010

MTFan / May 12th, 2010

Hi! I added 14 new stills of the movie “La princesse de Montpensier” and some screencaptures of the press-kit .

x 014 – La princesse de Montpensier – Stills

x 008 – La princesse de Montpensier – Press Kit Screencaptures

There is also a little interview of Melanie in the Press kit . You can read it below or download it HERE .

What was your first impression when you read the script?

My immediate reaction was that it was a wonderful portrait of a woman and magnificent love story
in various forms—passion between Marie and Guise, tender affection with her husband, the Prince,
a philosophical and intellectual bond with Chabannes, and a certain ambiguity with Anjou. The script
was very faithful to the original text, although Madame de La Fayette’s novel is remarkably chaste.
There isn’t the passion and the newlyweds’ discovery of sexuality, which are present in the film.

The Princess is caught between conflicting forces…

Absolutely. The Queen, Catherine de Medici, sums it up perfectly when she tells Marie that she is torn
between her integrity, which makes her want to be a good wife, and her desire and sensuality, which
she experiences with her lover. It’s a contradiction that constantly preys on her. For example, she
never received a formal education, but she’s a bright young woman who needs to make sense of the
world in which she lives. In order to exist, she needs to be able to express her ideas and opinions.

Would you say she’s manipulative?

I thought so at the beginning. I pictured her as a seductress who knew exactly how to get what
she wanted. So when she decides to learn to write, I thought it was to send love letters to Guise.
Then I realized I was on the wrong track. In fact, she’s totally unaware of her beauty and powers of
seduction. She’s never calculating.

What was the atmosphere on set?

What I found very positive was that there were two generations rubbing shoulders—big names and
young actors. It could have led to different approaches to the dialogue, for example, but on the
contrary, there was genuine harmony. Personally, I adored the rhythm and musicality of the dialogue.
Everything that seemed old-fashioned on the page became perfectly clear and self-evident on set.

MTFan / May 11th, 2010

Première.Fr has released 3 clips of the movie “La princesse de Montpensier” . Click on the links below to view them !


MTFan / May 10th, 2010

Techine drama is based on Philippe Djian’s novel

Up-and-coming French thesp Melanie Thierry will star in vet helmer Andre Techine’s “Unforgivable,” a drama based on Philippe Djian’s novel.

Carole Bouquet (“You’ll Miss Me“) and Andre Dussollier (“An Ordinary Execution“) will also topline.

Unforgivable,” which is its working title, follows a successful writer in his 60s who struggles to carry on with his life after the death of his wife and daughter in a car accident.

Pic is produced by Said Ben Said’s Paris-based outfit SBS and repped by TF1 International, which will introduce the film to buyers at Cannes.

The 10-week lensing kicks off this week in Venice, Italy. UGC Distribution will handle the French theatrical release.

Pic is Techine’s follow up to Catherine Deneuve starrer “The Girl on the Train.”

Thierry, who picked up a Cesar nod for her breakthrough perf in “One for the Road,” last starred in Bertrand Tavernier’s Cannes competish title “La Princesse de Montpensier.”



MTFan / May 10th, 2010

You can see below an article from LeMonde.Fr in French where Bertrand Tavernier speaks of his choice of Mélanie Thierry for the role of La princesse de Montpensier .

“C’est le rôle pour lequel j’ai le plus hésité. A partir d’une vingtaine de comédiennes, on a fait un premier choix, pour ne garder que deux postulantes. Certaines avaient la sensualité requise mais pas le port aristocratique, ou pas le côté enfantin. Mélanie a eu très vite des supporters, dont mon épouse Sarah, qui trouvait, non sans raison, qu’elle avait le physique de cette fin de la Renaissance, la beauté des modèles des toiles de Clouet, avec ce front qui était l’un des critères de l’époque, et une façon séduisante de porter le costume. Le choix fut long, douloureux. J’ai mal vécu de devoir dire à certaines qu’elles n’étaient pas prises alors qu’elles n’avaient pas démérité, d’entendre leurs pleurs, mais j’ai tenu à le faire moi-même. Je considère que c’est mon rôle.

Mélanie était mal partie… Elle est arrivée en retard aux essais, et son excuse était tellement invraisemblable que sur le coup on a eu du mal à la croire. Elle avait été arrêtée par un policier parce qu’elle n’avait pas bouclé sa ceinture de sécurité à l’arrière de son taxi. Elle a dû payer une amende et le flic a soigneusement pris son temps quand elle lui avait dit qu’il compromettait ses chances d’être engagée dans un film. C’est au cours des deuxièmes essais qu’elle s’est révélée. Dès qu’elle offrait ses jaillissements, elle était unique. A partir du moment où elle a été choisie, le travail a été miraculeux. Elle s’est engagée à fond. Je suis allé la voir jouer au théâtre dans Baby Doll et cela a achevé de me convaincre. Sa partenaire Monique Chaumette m’a félicité en me disant : “Tu verras, c’est un Stradivarius. Et en plus, c’est une belle personne !”


The film will be screened at Cannes Sunday, May 16 .

MTFan / May 8th, 2010

Hello ! Big update today in the site : I added screencaptures of four movies of Mélanie : 15 août (2001), Babylon A.D (2008), Ecorchés (2005), Chrysalis (2007) .

x 168 – Film – 15 août (2001) – DVD Screencaptures

x 486 – Film – Babylon A.D (2008) – DVD Screencaptures

x 595 – Film – Ecorchés (2005) – DVD Screencaptures
x 001 – Film – Ecorchés (2005) – DVD Screencaptures – Menus

x 228 – Film – Chrysalis (2007) – DVD Screencaptures
x 011 – Film – Chrysalis (2007) – DVD Screencaptures – Menus
x 007 – Film – Chrysalis (2007) – DVD Screencaptures – Making Of
x 002 – Film – Chrysalis (2007) – On Set Pictures

MTFan / May 2nd, 2010

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